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So Deviantart has upgraded to "v6".  It now runs even slower than before.  I see no new benefits/features.  My deviantart page informs me that I have three messages but, thanks to v6, I can't seem to find them to read them!

Dear DeviantArt: you suck.  For "v6," a vote of No Confidence.

p.s.  I am looking for a site with a varied repositary of pictures.  Something to replace deviantart, but without the suck.  Please leave a comment here if you can recommend one.  Thanks.
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Seems to me that deviantart's server is a sinclair x81 running on a single dialup connection.  Sooooo slow.

Right: go back to whatever you were doing. :D
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So I've been using POV-Ray for my 3d for some time.  I like the command line and I like the fact that it is free.  However, I do like to try new things from time to time and I dislike the fact that the they have gone to a GPL v2 license or (even better) to full Public Domain.

That in mind, I decided to try yafray.  This is another command line rendering program and it is actually GPL V2.  SO far, so good.

After downloading the source I read through the README (or was it the INSTALL?) file.  I was dismayed to see that some clueless indivicual in teh yfray team deicded that they were not going to use make.

Let's see, GNU make is used by 100% of all unix programs.  It's free. Becuase it is old, it is stable. Do let's just use a new, uncessary, nonstandard unstable, unneedded, program called "scons" instead.


That's One.

Despite my misgivings, I installed scons.  Using scons, I installed yafray.  Upon attempting to run yafray I was rewarded with:

yafray: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open
shared object file: No such file or directory


That's Two.  Two is enough.

Yafray sucks ass.

Maybe in a year or two, if it is still around, and if they have the sense to use make, I *might* try that program again.

But probably not.

p.s. - apparently, programs installed with "scons" can not ever be uninstalled.  Bad show!  So "scons" also sucks ass.
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Even though I've been on DA for some years, there is still a lot of stuff I do not know.  Recently I realized that I had a huge accumulation of notes/PMs/wohatever as well as notices of favs and of comments left on my pictures.  Oops.  :o

And some somewhat good news: I've got the uploading to DA think working.   Firefox will do it if you turn the javoids on, as weill IE on the windows side.  From a linux forum I learned how to set up firefox profiles.  Now I effectively have two firefoxes. One is my usual setup, with cookies and java* off and proxied to hell and back to block all ads (and thus load DA pages like six times faster).  The second new profile has all the javoid crap and cookies turned on.  I use it solely for uploading to DA.  I've got two bb menu entires, one for each firefox.  The only downside to this method is that I cannot run them both at once.  If I do, the second firefox process that I run uses the profile for the first one, even if I specified otherwise.
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So recently we had an election here in the U.S. The overall result of the election is that the House and Senate (legislative branch of our government) now has more Democrats than Republicans in it.  This means that the Democrats pretty much control the House and Senate.  Prior to this, the Republicans controlled the House & Senate.  Presumably, this change in party is because of voters wanting to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq.  They (the voters) voted for Democrats because Democrats have been criticizing Bush and the War in Iraq.  The logic here is that since the Democrats criticize the ware so much, they must want to pull out of the war.
So I'm watching TV the other day, just flipping channels and I see a Democrat senator talking about reinstating the draft.  Must be a fluke, one Democrat senator who is a unclear on Party Line.  I eventually switched channels and moved on, almost forgetting the incident. The next day, also channel surfing, I see a quick news story about Democrats and the draft!  WTF?  Let's see, if Democrats were elected for the purpose of getting the US out of the war, why are they planning to bring back the draft?  Wouldn't they only need to do that if they wanted more soldiers?  And they would only need more soldiers if they were going to do more war, not less war, right?
Well well well, after a long time I tried logging on my deviantart account, and was not assaualted by any popups.  I was able to administer my deviantart page without agida.  Very nice ... and as it should be.  To celibrate, I have uploaded some of my more recent pictures. The whole neotek/tech/whatever style has finally run it scourse and I have gone back to my normal style(s).  :)